Mayors & CEOs

John Giles John Giles Mayor of Mesa, AZ
City of Mesa

“Unfortunately, and all too often, too many people in our cities struggle to know where they will next find a roof to sleep under or food to eat. I’m excited to join with the Mayors and CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment initiative to shine a powerful light on these challenges and work towards solutions that will empower those in need while ensuring strong, safe communities.”

Kate Gallego Kate Gallego Mayor of Phoenix, AZ
City of Phoenix

"We know that more affordable housing and wrap-around health services are the most straightforward solutions to end homelessness in Phoenix and across the U.S. But all stakeholders – local governments, the federal government, and businesses – must invest greater time and resources to make this concept a common reality. In Phoenix, we’re exploring the creation of entirely new incentives for affordable housing construction, and I believe that this powerful coalition of my fellow mayors and our great business community will help to generate new ideas to solve one of our nation’s greatest problems."

Eric Garcetti Eric Garcetti Mayor of Los Angeles, CA
City of Los Angeles

“An affordable place to live should be within reach for everyone in America who dreams of making a better life for themselves their family. Too many cities across the country are facing an unprecedented housing crisis. We are here to call on leaders in Washington to develop new revenue streams and incentives that communities need to build and preserve the affordable housing that all of our communities deserve.”

Libby Schaaf Libby Schaaf Mayor of Oakland, CA
City of Oakland

“Mayors and business leaders have a unique understanding of the needs in the community, and the economic barriers which hold cities back from reaching their goal of creating stable and thriving communities. The creation of a bipartisan coalition made up of elected officials and CEOs, working in concert with nonprofit leaders and policy experts, will send the strong message to our federal government that investing in affordable housing and programs to prevent homelessness, will lead to economic growth, a better trained and prepared workforce, and stronger, more resilient cities.”

Darrell Steinberg Darrell Steinberg Mayor of Sacramento, CA
City of Sacramento

“Cities across the country are entering into innovative public-private partnerships with private industry to urgently, creatively and comprehensively address the homeless crisis. In Sacramento, Sutter Health has stepped up to provide critically needed resources for permanent housing, service-rich temporary shelters, and cutting-edge assertive outreach. Together, Mayors and CEOs are embarking on a campaign to advocate for the resources and policies we know work to address the crisis.”

Kevin Faulconer Kevin Faulconer Mayor of San Diego, CA
City of San Diego

"In San Diego, our approach to reducing homelessness is housing first but not housing only. As cities like San Diego are taking new and different approaches to address homelessness, we are also investing significant local resources. More dedicated investment from Washington will make a tremendous impact on our ability to improve the lives of thousands of our most vulnerable residents.”

London N. Breed London N. Breed Mayor of San Francisco, CA
City of San Francisco

"I am proud to join my mayoral peers and our business counterparts in Mayors and CEOs for US Housing Investment to fight for resources to address our affordable housing and homeless crises. Cities, suburbs and rural towns cannot solve these mounting problems alone -- it will take investment from the federal government and business community. Americans must have access to affordable and stable housing and we must invest in mental health and addiction treatment services. Now is time for the federal government to act on these pressing issues and Mayors and CEOs for US Housing Investment provides the platform to achieve results."

Christopher Cabaldon Christopher Cabaldon Mayor of West Sacramento, CA
City of West Sacramento

"While West Sacramento is making progress to reducing homelessness and its effects on our city, we continue to see its impact on our residents both for the individuals who are homeless, but also safety and health for all the other community members as well. Our unsheltered homeless population dropped from 201 in 2009 to 126 in 2013 down to 87 in 2017 because of our focus on enforcement, to reduce the impacts of homelessness, and a housing first model, reducing the instances of homelessness in our city. The Mayors and CEO's for U.S. Housing Investment coalition advances our town's capacity to bring in additional resources while working with other municipalities across the United States and the private sector to advance solutions that address the needs of all West Sacramentans."

Michael Tubbs Michael Tubbs Mayor of Stockton, CA
City of Stockton

“A decade after the Great Recession, Stockton is a city reinvented. We rank as the second most fiscally healthy city in the nation. Our homicide rate has dropped by 40% and our unemployment continues to fall. Despite these improvements, one in four Stocktonians lives in poverty and many pay over 30% of their incomes in rent . As Stockton continues to improve, we need every single resident to imagine what is possible. My Task Force on Affordable Housing is identifying resources to grow our housing supply, but we can’t do it alone. With my mayoral peers and the great American businesses in the Mayors & CEOs for US Housing Investment, we will work to ensure the federal government invests its share in the possibility of Stockton and the probability that, together, we can solve this national crisis.”

Bob LeGare Bob LeGare Mayor of Aurora, CO
City of Aurora

"The shortage of affordable housing and homelessness is no longer an isolated problem in large cities, it is a growing national issue that needs to be addressed now. As city leaders, we need to reach out to our federal elected officials and the private sector to create meaningful solutions. Mayors & CEOs For U.S. Housing Investment is a leader in this national discussion and will positively influence changes at the federal level."

Michael Hancock Michael Hancock Mayor of Denver, CO
City of Denver

“We are working tirelessly to make our housing market work for everyone who calls our city home, and we need to pull on every lever we can to offer more affordable options to our people. By coming together to advocate for more investments in affordable housing here in Denver and across the country, we can better provide individuals, families and those in need of a good home to call their own with the support they need to build their lives and build their futures.”

Heidi Williams Heidi Williams Mayor of Thornton, CO
City of Thornton

"Shrinking affordable housing supplies and growing homelessness are national problems reaching into communities of every size and stretching our resources past their limit. Local governments simply can't solve these problems on our own. I look forward to working with this national coalition in pushing the federal government to invest alongside us to ensure all Coloradans - all Americans - have a chance to find a place they can proudly call home. And I hope they find it in Thornton."

District of Columbia
Muriel Bowser Muriel Bowser Mayor of Washington, DC
City of Washington

“In Washington, DC, we are committed to ending homelessness and expanding access to safe and affordable housing. As leaders across the country work to tackle these issues, we recognize that the best thing we can do for our residents and communities is to come together, share our solutions and investments, and support and multiply the programs and ideas that are working. We recognize that by investing in affordable housing, we are investing in safer, stronger communities and building new pathways to the middle class for our most vulnerable residents.”

Keisha Lance Bottoms Keisha Lance Bottoms Mayor of Atlanta, GA
City of Atlanta

“It is my honor to join other leaders across the nation to advocate on behalf of the homeless and those struggling with housing affordability. Issues of this scope are too enormous for one office or organization to tackle alone. With the assistance of our business community, local leaders can speak with a louder voice and discover innovative ways to improve the quality of life for the people we serve. Having recently launched a series of heritage owner-occupied rehab housing programs, I look forward to partnering with this coalition as we work together to actualize the promise and basic dignity of housing equity.”

Karen Freeman-Wilson Karen Freeman-Wilson Mayor of Gary, IN
City of Gary

"The drop in affordable housing inventory and rise in homelessness is widespread across urban, suburban and rural America. As elected officials, we need to take action so that our cities can continue to form the strong foundation of our country, and that action must come from a coordinated effort involving every level of government. We cannot solve a problem of this scale without the federal government investing in housing at the scale the problem demands. Gary, Indiana, joins this important partnership to ensure that this happens."

North Carolina
Vi Lyles Vi Lyles Mayor of Charlotte, NC
City of Charlotte

“Charlotte is a city with housing challenges that affect many sectors of our workforce. As Mayor of Charlotte, I am delighted to ‘roll up my sleeves’ with fellow mayors and CEOs across this country to work collaboratively to develop bipartisan affordable housing solutions that will promote opportunity and growth for all residents. By investing in diverse price point housing, we will ensure opportunities for upward economic mobility, while creating stronger neighborhoods and safer communities.”

Lucy Vinis Lucy Vinis Mayor of Eugene, OR
City of Eugene

"Many cities are struggling with housing affordability and availability, redevelopment and expansion of neighborhoods, investments in infrastructure, and concerns about pricing out and marginalizing sectors of their communities. All cities struggle with continuing reductions in federal support for building and renovating subsidized housing. The U.S. can fix this problem through an optimistic willingness to embrace opportunities before us — and funding them — at the city, state and, yes, federal level. Eugene joins this coalition to ensure the federal government returns to its role as a collaborator and investor in helping solve our country’s biggest challenges — because this is undoubtedly one of them."

Ted Wheeler Ted Wheeler Mayor of Portland, OR
City of Portland

"As Portland continues to grow into a truly global city, housing is without question the single most important challenge we face. Housing connects people to employment, kids to schools, and families to institutions across our community. Safe, affordable housing allows families to do the one thing that families need to do more than anything else: spend time together. That is Portland’s and my top priority – and I will work to make sure it is a top priority for the federal government, too."

Jim Kenney Jim Kenney Mayor of Philadelphia, PA
City of Philadelphia

"We’re building a Philadelphia that works for every neighborhood - and that begins with the opportunity for a safe roof over your head. Decades of work unfortunately show that government cannot solve homelessness and the need for affordable housing alone – and neither can business. Now the two are joining forces to make what we hope will be substantial progress in these related and vexing issues."

Cassie Franklin Cassie Franklin Mayor of Everett, WA
City of Everett

"Everyone in Everett deserves to feel safe and to believe in the opportunity of a home. We are ahead of the curve in bringing innovative, collaborative answers to the complex problems facing our City and the nation. Still, we have a long way to go, and we will not have lasting success without the active participation of, and investment by, all players: local and national businesses and local, state and federal governments. Mayors & CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment is the right platform for mayors and businesses to identify solutions any city can replicate - and so earn the federal government's investment in their promise."

Jenny A. Durkan Jenny A. Durkan Mayor of Seattle, WA
City of Seattle

"Seattle understands that our affordable housing and homelessness crisis is unprecedented and demands equally extraordinary tools and resources to solve it. Our approach to build as much affordable housing as possible must be multi-dimensional and draw on strong partnerships between the public and private sectors. But Seattle and communities across the country can only succeed long-term if the federal government joins America’s cities and business in getting involved and invested. That’s why we’re a part of Mayors & CEOs for US Housing Investment."

Private Sector Partners

“Airbnb is built on the foundation of creating community through belonging and we’re honored to stand with a bipartisan group of mayors and businesses from across the country dedicated to improving communities by addressing affordable housing and homelessness. Our experience has shown the best solutions are often the result of the public and private sectors working together, and so we are particularly proud to be working with this coalition to identify and fund innovative ideas that work.” Nathan Blecharczyk, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

GHC Housing Partners

"The lack of Affordable Housing is one of the greatest problems cities face across the nation – from young children to working adults to the elderly, the problem affects every level of our society and will only get worse if we don’t all act together as a team. There are no perfect solutions, and it will take the private sector and the public sector to come up with a lot of ingenuity to tackle this problem. As one of the largest affordable housing owners in the US, we acquire, develop, manage and operate more than 20,000 affordable units across the U.S. and we want to share our experience and expertise on how to improve the system and work with the public sector to tackle this problem together. We’ve seen what government and business can do when they work together and we believe this new coalition can be a powerful catalyst for the next phase in affordable housing investment and homeless services.” Gregory Perlman, CEO

Sutter Health

“We join this campaign because, as a not-for-profit, we take seriously every investment we make in caring for the people in our community. And we believe that, as the United States, we must take federal investment in affordable housing for our fellow Americans - including homeless veterans, families and the chronically homeless - more seriously than ever before.” Patrick Fry, CEO

African American Mayors Association

"Mayors have an obligation to defend the cities they are elected to serve, and protect society’s most vulnerable citizens. With affordable housing supplies dropping and homelessness increasing, mayors and businesses must step into the breach to protect those most in need. We join Mayors & CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment on behalf of 500 African American mayors to link arms with leaders in cities and businesses across America to finally turn US housing policy back in the right direction — the direction home." Stephanie Marsh Sykes, Executive Director

Kaiser Permanente

"Our mission is to help improve the health of our members and the communities we serve. We believe that health care extends beyond the walls of a hospital or medical center to our communities. The environment around us matters, which is why, across America, people living just a few miles apart have dramatic differences in health outcomes and life expectancy. It isn’t hard to imagine how living without a home can negatively impact someone’s health. Kaiser Permanente and Mayors & CEOs for US Housing Investment are standing up for these most vulnerable members of our society to help them access affordable housing and homeless services. We invite other organizations to join us to advance economic, social, and environmental conditions for health." Bernard J. Tyson, Chairman and CEO

League of California Cities

“In 2018, the League helped steer the winning campaigns for statewide Propositions 1 and 2, which provide $6 billion in much-needed funding to build housing for veterans, working families and those experiencing homelessness or at risk for becoming homeless. The League also helped secure an additional $500 million in the state budget to help cities provide emergency assistance to those experiencing homelessness. Despite our efforts, cities and states cannot tackle an issue of this magnitude alone, so we gladly join this growing coalition to push for increased federal funding for affordable housing and homeless services.” Carolyn Coleman, Executive Director

Los Angeles Community College District

"51% of LACCD students have income at or below the poverty line and 55% of those students are enduring housing insecurity. The federal government must immediately increase its partnership with communities by maximizing funding for existing programs and creating new, competitive grants that reward innovative thinking and collaborative approaches to combat homelessness and affordable housing problems. We will work with Mayors & CEOs for US Housing Investment to ensure that affordable housing and homeless services are sufficiently funded at the federal level to create greater affordable housing and help end the crisis among students and the greater U.S. population." The Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees