Ignite a National Conversation

Mayors and CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment aims to ignite a national conversation that reminds the nation that housing is pro-family, pro-jobs and pro-investment.

Reinforce that the Federal Government has a Role and Must be a Partner

We need the federal government, businesses, and local governments to collaborate in new ways to ensure that federal housing and homeless assistance resources are sustained.

Bring the Private Sector to the Table

The Mayors and CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment aim to bring the private sector to the table as powerful partners that understand how investing in our communities leads to economic growth, a stronger workforce, and stronger cities.

Sustain Advocacy to Make a Difference

Our coalition of Mayors and CEOs aims to sustain advocacy to influence major policy and funding reforms for housing and homeless programs at the federal level.

We aim to

Help us help your community

Contact your local representatives

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Quotes from U.S. Mayors
Mark Stodola Mark Stodola Mayor of Little Rock, AR
“Every day, mayors in cities and towns across the country are faced with the acute realities of homelessness and the dire need for affordable housing. The National League of Cities and the city of Little Rock are committed to working with mayors and business leaders to put an end to homelessness and create permanent solutions to our housing crisis. The energy and support of these leaders gathered here under the banner of Mayors & CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment is an important tool to achieve these ends.”
Steve Hogan Steve Hogan Mayor of Aurora, CO
“All families and children in our communities need a safe and sustainable home. As city leaders, we have the ability and obligation to help address the issue of homelessness. This new initiative will pursue partnerships and creative solutions to take the conversation in new directions to help improve the well-being of those impacted by this national problem.”
Libby Schaaf Libby Schaaf Mayor of Oakland, CA
“Mayors and business leaders have a unique understanding of the needs in the community, and the economic barriers which hold cities back from reaching their goal of creating stable and thriving communities. The creation of a bipartisan coalition made up of elected officials and CEOs, working in concert with nonprofit leaders and policy experts, will send the strong message to our federal government that investing in affordable housing and programs to prevent homelessness, will lead to economic growth, a better trained and prepared workforce, and stronger, more resilient cities.”
Kevin Faulconer Kevin Faulconer Mayor of San Diego, CA
"In San Diego, our approach to reducing homelessness is housing first but not housing only. As cities like San Diego are taking new and different approaches to address homelessness, we are also investing significant local resources. More dedicated investment from Washington will make a tremendous impact on our ability to improve the lives of thousands of our most vulnerable residents.”
Eric Garcetti Eric Garcetti Mayor of Los Angeles, CA
“An affordable place to live should be within reach for everyone in America who dreams of making a better life for themselves their family. Too many cities across the country are facing an unprecedented housing crisis. We are here to call on leaders in Washington to develop new revenue streams and incentives that communities need to build and preserve the affordable housing that all of our communities deserve.”
Darrell Steinberg Darrell Steinberg Mayor of Sacramento, CA
“Cities across the country are entering into innovative public-private partnerships with private industry to urgently, creatively and comprehensively address the homeless crisis. In Sacramento, Sutter Health has stepped up to provide critically needed resources for permanent housing, service-rich temporary shelters, and cutting-edge assertive outreach. Together, Mayors and CEOs are embarking on a campaign to advocate for the resources and policies we know work to address the crisis.”
Michael Hancock Michael Hancock Mayor of Denver, CO
“We are working tirelessly to make our housing market work for everyone who calls our city home, and we need to pull on every lever we can to offer more affordable options to our people. By coming together to advocate for more investments in affordable housing here in Denver and across the country, we can better provide individuals, families and those in need of a good home to call their own with the support they need to build their lives and build their futures.”
Jim Kenney Jim Kenney Mayor of Philadelphia, PA
"We’re building a Philadelphia that works for every neighborhood - and that begins with the opportunity for a safe roof over your head. Decades of work unfortunately show that government cannot solve homelessness and the need for affordable housing alone – and neither can business. Now the two are joining forces to make what we hope will be substantial progress in these related and vexing issues."
Greg Stanton Greg Stanton Mayor of Phoenix, AZ
"I am proud to join The Mayors and CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment coalition in our bipartisan campaign effort representing geographically diverse urban, rural and suburban municipalities. A lack of affordable housing can put a local economy at a competitive disadvantage as many employers have reported that a lack of affordable housing makes it more difficult and costly to recruit and retain employees. Affordable housing payments can significantly increase the residual income that households have at their disposal, which allows local businesses to gain from the increased buying power."
Muriel Bowser Muriel Bowser Mayor of Washington, DC
“In Washington, DC, we are committed to ending homelessness and expanding access to safe and affordable housing. As leaders across the country work to tackle these issues, we recognize that the best thing we can do for our residents and communities is to come together, share our solutions and investments, and support and multiply the programs and ideas that are working. We recognize that by investing in affordable housing, we are investing in safer, stronger communities and building new pathways to the middle class for our most vulnerable residents.”
John Giles John Giles Mayor of Mesa, AZ
“Unfortunately, and all too often, too many people in our cities struggle to know where they will next find a roof to sleep under or food to eat. I’m excited to join with the Mayors and CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment initiative to shine a powerful light on these challenges and work towards solutions that will empower those in need while ensuring strong, safe communities.”
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No one should have to choose

Stable and affordable housing allows low- to moderate-income individuals the opportunity to pursue financial stability, which supports business and economic growth in local communities. But current programs and federal funding are not meeting the demand, as one in four families that rent in our country are a paycheck away from homelessness, and families can no longer afford safe places to live. That is why local leaders need to develop partnerships with the Federal government, philanthropies, real estate and housing developers and other businesses to amplify the voices of struggling families and individuals, and to recognize that affordable housing is an investment in stable and thriving communities. No one should have to choose between homes they cannot afford, long commutes, lower scoring schools, and sometimes even basic necessities like food and medication.

Let’s change the conversation

To start a new dialogue, the Mayors and CEOs for U.S. Housing Investment coalition, which is led by mayors and business leaders on the front lines, work together to highlight housing issues, oppose funding cuts, and advocate for critical tools to advance public-private partnerships to support affordable housing and address homelessness.

As a public-private partnership, this coalition will send a powerful message that investing in new and existing housing programs benefits all of us. Together, we can help give a voice to our neighbors served by these programs and remind Congress and federal officials that helping hard working people creates strong, safe communities.

Working together

In order to meet these objectives, our coalition will work locally in our cities and on a federal level with Congress and the Administration through a united national agenda comprised of three main elements:

Coalition → Policy → Communications

The bipartisan mayors helping to lead this campaign represent geographically diverse urban, rural and suburban municipalities. The coalition also engages a variety of stakeholder groups, thought leaders, and academia, including the National Alliance to End Homelessness and Enterprise.

A Coordinated Effort

To connect our work in each city and ensure Mayors and CEOs have the policy and communications support they need, Holland and Knight LLP and National League of Cities (NLC) coordinate the coalition as executive committee members. Should you have any questions, please contact:

Eve O’Toole with Holland & Knight
Brooks Rainwater with NLC